Budgeting & Revenue Sourcing
Realistic working of expense estimates & sourcing of revenues.

Venue Selection
With in-depth knowledge of various venues, M&M team helps the client select an appropriate Venue that best suit their conference requirement. Followed by negotiation of room & banquet rentals & formalizing the contract that captures all relevant riders that best protects the client in case of any eventualities.

Marketing & Promotion
Marketing the association to the prospective delegates, in shape of road shows, promotional booths in different conferences.

Social Marketing (Delegate Build)
Promotions in related shows in India, Activating our Partner Network around the world, Use of social media, Development of attractive sight-seeing packages and pre-post conference tours.

Registration & Guest assistance
By using latest technologies, online registration process and abstract submission of participants.

Room Check-ins
Professionally managed accommodation management system across all categories of hotels/guest accommodations as per your requirement.

Branding & Signages
Adequately visible/informative and well branded signage provides enhanced comfort and hassle free movement in and around the venue.

Audio Visual Management
Latest equipment for your events/conferences so that you don’t face any technical glitches and ensure high quality and efficient audio-visual system in place.

Meal Arrangements
Well planned menus taking into account the demographics of the participants of an event/seasonal/weather related issues, ensuring a delightful F & B experience for the participants.

Final Accounting
M&M provides complete account closure with vendors and post conference follow up.

Equipped to provide Customized MIS Reports for conference analysis.

Event Photos / Videos
Collecting and collating all photographs and videos from the photographer/videographer and handing it over to the client.